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13 2021-12
The China-Laos Railway is officially opened to traffic! At 16:45 on December 3rd, with the departure of the first China-Laos international freight train from Kunming Station, the China-Laos Railway was officially opened to traffic! Yunnan Provinc
11 2021-10
Qilin District Government of Qujing City to YIG for Exchange On October 11, Zhang Zhongwen, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Qilin District, Qujing City, and Yang Yunquan, member of Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Qilin District, visited Y
12 2021-10
Mashangyou Technology Company to YIG for Exchange On October 11th, Chen Yongliang, chairman of Mashangyou Technology Co., Ltd., led a team to Yunnan Investment Group (YIG) for exchange and discussion, and Wen Peibin, member of the Party Committ
30 2021-09
YIG Held Safety and Environmental Protection Work Meeting On September 30, YIG held the safety and environmental protection work meeting, deployed and arranged the safety and environmental protection work during the National Day and COP15. Wang Dong, Vice Pr
30 2021-09
SASAC of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government ,YIG to Shenzhen Investment Holdings for Exchange On the afternoon of September 28th, Li Mingqiu, the first-class inspector of SASAC of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, Qiu Lujun, Party Secretary and Chairman of YIG and Wang Dong, Vice Pres
29 2021-09
Provincial SASAC and YIG visited China Merchants Group On September 28, Li Mingqiu, the inspector at level 1 of Yunnan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Qiu Lujun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of YIG
14 2021-10
Philips Greater China Group to YIG for Exchange On October 13th, Li Tao, Vice President of Philips Greater China group and General Manager of Government and Public Affairs Department, and his delegation visited YIG for exchange and discussi
26 2021-09
TOP 130! Yunnan Investment Group ranks the 130th among the top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2021! On September 25, the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Entrepreneurs Association put out the list of Chinas Top 500 Enterprises for the 20th time at the 2021 China Top 500 Enterprise
26 2021-09
Yunnan Investment Group Launched the Double Promotion Project of Enterprises Core Competitiveness and Youth Capability?and Quality On September 8th, on the occasion of striding into the Fortune Global 500 and its inception of 24th anniversary, Yunnan Investment Group launched the "promotion project of enterprises core compet
10 2021-09
Congratulations! YIG Ranks 471 Among FORTUNE Global 500 Yunnan Provincial Investment Holding Group Company (hereinafter referred to as “YIG”) ranked 471st on the Fortune Global 500 list released on August 2,2021. It’s the first time for a Yunnan company to
14 2021-05
Yunnan Investment Group Successfully Held Open-Day Activities to Allow the Public to Know and Support State-own Enterprise To let the public have a further understanding ofstate-owned enterprises and support the reform and development of state-ownedenterprise, and establish a good social image of state-owned enterprises,Y
10 2021-05
Huang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Government, Led a Team to China Development Bank for Exchange and Discussion On May 7, Huang Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary Generalof the Provincial Government, led a team to the head office of ChinaDevelopment Bank (CDB) for exchange and discussion. Hao Yaohui, General Managerof
11 2021-05
Yunnan Investment Group Successfully Completed the Change of the Board of Supervisors On May 10, Yunnan Investment Group convened the First Meeting of the Second Board of Supervisors, at which the report on change of the Board of Supervisors and organization of the second Board of Supe
20 2021-04
Yunnan Investment Group Held the Economic Operation Work Meeting for the First Quarter of 2021 On April 19, Yunnan Investment Group held theEconomic Operation Work Meeting for the First Quarter of 2021, at which it"reviewed and investigated" its economic operation and studied anddeplo
01 2021-04
Yunnan Investment Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with China Construction Communications Engrg. Group Corp. Ltd. On March 31, Cheng Xianyong, Secretary of the CPCCommittee and Chairman of China Construction Communications Engrg. GroupCorp. Ltd. and Huang Nengfang, General Manager of No. 2 ConstructionCompany of
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